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On the 16th May we sent David to the Pint of Science to discuss our work on the Lunar Rover. Below is a paragraph from David about the event and his experience.

It was great to present at the Pint of Science event at the Hallamshire House at Sheffield on the 16th May 2018, alongside so many other interesting speakers, including the University of Sheffield’s Sunbyte and Sunride project teams. The competition and our intention to participate was introduced to the audience, alongside the requirements of our rover. Background information regarding the theory behind the Lunar Rover Project and the search for water on mars was discussed to contextualise the proposal to the general public. The division of labour and approach to the project was explained alongside a PowerPoint presentation with videos showing the progress made to the prototype. It was a pleasure to listen to the speakers; Sunbyte, Sunride and also the presentations ‘Surfing on solar waves: good vibrations’ and ‘And the answer is… neutrinos & supernovas’, in the inviting accumulation of scientific minds at the Hallamshire House.


Critical Design Review.


Feedback from Preliminary Design Review received.


Abstract proposal to British Conference for Undergraduate Research accepted.


Preliminary Design Review submitted.


ShefSEDS is accepted into the Lunar Rover Competition!